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ERC Maintenance

At ERC Hardware Express, we offer a convenient drop-off and pick up service where we will bring your equipment to our maintenance center in Tamuning for assessment and repair by our team of trained technicians.  We stock the necessary parts and provide timely service to ensure your project is not delayed. If you are in need of help with something, please reach out to us and see if we’re able to assist you.

290, Tun Jose Salas St, Tamuning, 96913, Guam

offers engine repair and service

Small engine repair and service

Regular maintenance prevents damage and extends the lifespan of many small motors. Our team of trained mechanics can quickly tune up your tools and lawn care items to reach peak performance and last for many years.

erc hardware express offers parts service

Parts’ service

We take service seriously here, and it shows. Whether you need help with a small motor or you are searching for a particular part, we’ll source the necessary products to get the job done right.

ERC Trading Barrigada

979 Army Drive, Barrigada, 96913, Guam